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9 Reasons to start Pilates after you had your baby

If you need to justify why Pilates will be helpful after your pregnancy and labour, here you go!

  1. Self love

Mothers tend to prioritize everything and everyone over ourselves. Start loving ourselves again, so that we can ‘fill’ our loved ones’ cups. The family is only as happy as a healthy mama.

  1. Look sexy, feel sexy again!

Being able to reconnect with our bodies makes us confident to do most tasks. Confident women are the sexiest!

2. Improve your core stability, because strong is the new beautiful!

Pilates serves as a strong foundation for your body to work the essential muscles, especially after going through life-changing pregnancy and labour. This will allow us to return to most sports and activities safely as it addresses the necessary muscles needed to support your core stability. Pilates guided exercises allows you to work in all aspects of your core stability in a systematic manner, from breathing, to abs, butt, thighs!

3. Improve your posture, build your confidence.

Pregnancy and effects of labour, breastfeeding and pumping breast milk makes us hunch over a lot more than we know. The effects of pregnancy is no simple feat on the maternal body. Months of stretched abdominals, postural and muscular adaptation from the changes in body mechanics does not naturally resolve on its own. Stretching and strengthening the affected muscles helps us to stand straighter, and look fresher.

4. Get stronger to care for your growing baby

Our babies only get heavier! Mothers can be stronger to carry your babies for longer.

5. Prepare your body for another pregnancy!

Subsequent pregnancies will continue to test the mother’s physical limits. Getting your body in a better position after each pregnancy will help you go through the process better.

6. Recondition your core, arms, back and legs to safely return to exercises you love

Pilates can be delivered in a systematic manner to train your body from head to toes, arms to legs. The progressive training can be tougher than it looks, but your efforts will surely pay off.

7. Continue to lead an active lifestyle as we enter motherhood and be role models to our kids

Life doesn’t come with a manual, it comes with a mother. When we have the ability to engage in physical activities and enjoy them, our kids will be able to do that for themselves when they get older. The best gift we can give to our kids, is a healthy and happy mother.

8. To be physically and mentally strong to fulfill our roles as mums, wives, daughters, caregivers

Pilates and being physically active has benefits to our mental health, not the mention the physical benefits on our bodies. As we play our social roles in our family units, the multiple roles we carry are demanding of our mental and physical capacity.

A study (1) has shown that Pilates home exercises are an effective, healthy and feasible method for reducing post-partum fatigue. The reduced fatigue can reduce the risk of depression in post-partum women.

9. Add Life to your years, not just years to your life!

As we live longer, we want to continue to move well and do the things we love. Having a better body also puts you at a better start to menopause well!

Our Registered Physiotherapist is also fully trained in Pilates. A full assessment and history taking is done with every new mother, to address your needs and goals. Speak to our Physiotherapist to learn how you can get stronger with your post-baby body! You may also find the article helpful:


(1) Effects of Pilates exercises on postpartum maternal fatigue (2015) Singapore Med J. 56(3), pp. 169-173. Ashrafinah F., Mirmohammadali M., Kazemnejad A., Haghighi K.S. & Amelvalizadeh M.

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