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A letter from mummy physio to her daughter

To my dearest daughter, Lara.

Mummy loves you so dearly. You are the inspiration to my mummy physiotherapy passion, and daddy is the mover of it. I adore how you smile at me every time I stare at you from far. The precious cheeks and smiles seemed so timeless every time you looked at me. Thank you for being in my life, and thank you for being such a beautiful child. I never knew what I could do, until you came into my life.

During pregnancy, I constantly had thoughts of not wanting to see you. In the early days of your life, your presence made my life upside down. However, you soon reminded me of how precious time was, and how you are growing up all so quickly everyday. You taught me to savour every moment, without rushing through tasks and time. I cannot stop telling you how beautiful you are to me and daddy.

When George came along, your big heart opened to him. You welcomed him inside your heart, you acknowledged and called him “didi” so readily. I was never prepared for you to do that, but you surprised me and gave all the love you have to our small family readily. As days pass, I missed the yesterday that I spent with you. I look forward to having lots of conversation with you over meals and rides. I love the way you tell me what your senses are feeding you – the ice cream is cold, the milk is white, the soup is hot. I love your disruptive moments every morning when you come into our bedroom to wake daddy up and feed him water. I love how you fight for what you want, and give to those you love.

Thank you for letting me be your mother. I love you so, so, so much. So much that I am ready to see you fly and soar into the vastness of the world. Never forget the relationships you have, always be grateful and kind. Always protect those you love, and love fiercely. Love life like there’s no tomorrow.

The luckiest person to have you,

Mummy Physio CJ

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